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Get your bug fighting fix at! All the bugfighting media you'll ever need.
Bug Fighting is no longer just a Japanese phenomenon -bug fighting has gone worldwide!

From U.S. school children battling bugs in milk jugs, to South American farmers battling stag beetles on pieces of wood -- bug fighting (insect competition) is a widespread global phenomenon. Bug fighting is much larger than just people pitting bugs in one on one battles -the implications of the topic, term and concept are actually impressively wide in scope, and span a variety of subjects. aims to be the definitive, worldwide internet bug fighting source, with more than just bug fighting videos and pictures (although we've definitely got those covered). Stay tuned as this site is expanded -our developers are working to provide you with the hottest and most interesting media regarding this fascinating subject. Not to mention some raw bug fights!

For now, satisfy your burning hunger for savage, insectoid ravaging battles with this huge nest of bug fighting media:

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Newest video added : Iraqi Spider vs. Ants vid
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View four other Bugfights by clicking left or right.
View four other Bugfights by clicking left or right.